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Our Top 5 Photography Inspirations

We all draw inspiration from somewhere. Most of us don’t even realize the multitude of sources that are collectively feeding our transformation both as artists and people. Every day we’re exposed to world class work on Instagram, YouTube, and really all around us.
But there are always those meaningful few that touch our lives in a unique way and change our trajectories forever. Our top 5 photography inspirations, each taught us something unique that’s changed us and made us both better photographers and better people.
We wanted to share…

Karl Taylor

Who’s inspiration: JP
What he’s known for: Product & Fashion Photography

What he’s taught us…
Pretty much everything I know about photography I learned from Karl Taylor. Sure I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks elsewhere online that helped me drill down on specific techniques. But the foundation of everything I know has really come from Karl.
He has a few free videos online to get you hooked. But the real gold comes from his DVD’s, which of course cost money.
If you’re still shooting on automatic, do yourself a favor and invest a little money, and a few hours of your time, to watch his beginner DVDs. And if you’re really motivated to learn, and believe that these types of investments in yourself are worth it (which I strongly do), his two advanced courses are incredible.

Photos by Karl Taylor: Copyright ©

You know you’re learning from the best because, well look at his work, it’s amazing. But the thing that truly sets him apart is that he’s a great teacher. He really focusses on building the foundation, and all of his tips are incredibly actionable and yield quick results.


Vincent Laforet

Who’s inspiration: JP
What he’s known for: Everything! Film, Tilt Shift and Aerial Photography

What he’s taught us…
Vincent became a major inspiration to me when I was first getting into shooting video with DSLR’s.
This was back around 2008 when Canon first released their Canon 5d Mark ii. It was the first DSLR that shot good quality HD video and could handle low light situations. At that time this was a total game changer.
To show off what the camera could do, Canon gave it to Vincent for a weekend to see what he could do with it. Considering this was 2008, the results are pretty impressive…

At the time, he proved to the world that you could get cinematic looking footage on a DSLR at a fraction of the price of a professional video camera. This type of innovation is what he’s known for, and he continues to push the boundaries of technology to express his vision.
Most recently he’s been doing an aerial project, featuring night time images of major cities across the world. You may have seen them yourself, along with 40 million others that have seen and shared his work online.

Sarah Lee

Who’s inspiration: Steph
What she’s known for: Surf and underwater photography

What she’s taught us…
Since I don’t do underwater photography, you might ask, how has she inspired my work? It’s really her artistic perspective and the raw emotion behind her shots that I’ve always been drawn to. Her photos say so much more to me than just surfers in the waves.

Photos by Sarah Lee: Copyright ©

I’ve taken inspiration from her in the water, and applied it to my photography back on land. But most of what she’s taught me goes beyond just a photograph. She’s taught me to take a perspective and not to be afraid if it’s different from what other people are doing. Or even if people don’t get it altogether.
There can be a lot of pressure in photography (and in life) to conform to what others are doing. But Sarah is a prime example of how trusting your artistic vision and finding a niche who understands your brilliance can lead to abundance. She now has a loyal tribe of almost 65K followers on instagram and her work has been featured in Nat Geo and CNN.
I respect her courage in the water and her fearlessness in pursuing her passions. She’s been a big part of what inspired me to get back into doing what I love, so she’ll always hold a special place in my heart.


Phillip Bloom

Who’s inspiration: JP
What he’s known for: World class DSLR video & gear reviews

What he’s taught us…
While he is definitely an inspiration, the knowledge I’ve gained from Phillip has been more gear focussed, than photography focussed. Philip is known for his highly respected reviews on all kinds of cameras and gear. He provides amazing insight on the benefits and drawbacks, making it easy for photographers to decide what to buy.
His opinion carries so much weight in the photography community, that many of the issues he highlights in his reviews actually get ‘fixed’ by the manufacturers in subsequent models. So, before you make your next investment, you might want to check out one of his reviews.
Most recently Phillip worked with Bill Weir on a CNN 8 part series called “The Wonder List” documenting the epic stories of people, places, cultures and creatures across 8 countries.

Clark Little

Who’s inspiration: Both of us
What he’s known for: Shorebreak (wave) photography

What he’s taught us…
While we haven’t ventured into underwater photography (yet), Clark has been a huge inspiration to us, and to millions of other people as well. I mean, how could you not be inspired by this guy? A total legend in the realm of water photography, and a badass to the max for putting himself in the precarious situations that he does.

Perhaps the biggest factor that puts his work in a completely different realm than that of other water photographers is the fact that the majority of his shots are done in only a foot or two of water. Or no water at all, as you can see below!

Photos by Clark Little: Copyright ©

The dreaded shorebreak that most people spend their lives trying to avoid is literally Clark’s playground. And he has paid the price. A few drowning close calls, a separated shoulder, and more than a few whacks in the head with his camera.
Clark is a warrior in the water, and his colourful and captivating images continue to inspire us to always keep pushing and be fearless. When things seem challenging or impossible, just remember what Clark does every single day, and it puts things in perspective!
Thanks again for tuning in. Hope you found some inspiration from our biggest idols. Join us next week as we dive head first into motion blur photography…
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